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Utilizing Bus Service

The Laveen School District provides bus transportation to students in Grades Kindergarten-8 who live within a school’s designated transportation zone. These zones are generally one mile outside of the school’s walking zone, but also encompass specific neighborhoods in which a large number of students attend a particular school. Transportation is also provided to special education students with an Individualized Education Plan in which bus service is indicated.

Families who do not live within a school’s transportation zone may submit a special request for transportation. This may be approved, however, it will be dependent on capacity and if the route’s capacity is reached the student will be asked to utilize another form of transportation.

Families utilizing bus transportation are asked to register their child for this service. Parents/guardians will receive a notification from Transportation when their registration is confirmed.


Kindergarten students must have an adult or sibling of age, who is listed on the child’s emergency contact list through the school, at the bus stop to receive them upon arrival in the PM at the assigned bus stop. If the student does not have an authorized adult present and is unattended, the student will be returned to school.


Students who receive curb-to-curb transportation must also have an adult present to receive them upon arrival. If the student does not have an authorized adult present and is unattended, the student will be returned to their school site at the end of the route.

ID Required for Boarding

Students who ride the bus are required to swipe their student identification badge each time they board and exit the bus. This informs our transportation department which students are on board at any given time and ensures students are exiting at their correct stop. No student will be denied morning pick-up. However, students who do not have their ID will be sent to their school office to obtain a temporary badge. Replacement badges may be purchased for $5.


Bus riders are required to follow all transportation rules by being Safe, Accountable & Respectful. Failure to comply may result in transportation services being rescinded.