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Life Threatening Allergies

If your student has a severe allergy or has experienced an anaphylactic reaction, please notify your child’s Health Office staff.

Our Health Offices do not stock Benadryl or other similar antihistamines. Parents may bring in such medication to have available for their student in the Health Office. A Medication Administration Form must be signed by a parent/guardian and the medication must be transported to and from school by an adult.

If a student’s allergy requires an Epi Pen or Auvi Q, it is recommended that there is one stored in the Health Office. A Medication Administration Form also needs to be signed by a parent/guardian. If it is deemed appropriate and a student must carry an Epi Pen or Auvi Q on their person, a self-carry consent form is available from Health Office staff.

Students who have special dietary needs due to a medical condition or food allergy can receive dietary accommodations with a signed Special Dietary Accommodations Form. This form must be filled out by a medical authority and returned to your school’s Health Office.

For more information about special diets click here.