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Nestled between the South Mountain Range and the Estrella Mountains southwest valley, the Laveen Elementary School District is in a growing rural, agricultural community. Laveen serves almost 8,000 students in Grades preschool through eighth across nine schools.


The Laveen Elementary School District provides its students a well-rounded education that includes English language arts, math, science, social studies, visual art, music, and physical education. Some schools offer additional electives, such as technology, Spanish, and reader’s theater. Our curriculum, which is fully aligned to academic standards adopted by the Arizona State Board of Education, provides a clear road-map of what your child is expected to learn in each grade. The challenging standards at each grade level serve as a stair step, moving your child closer to readiness for high school, college, and careers.

For additional information about the district’s curriculum, visit the Districts curriculum page.


A goal of the Laveen Elementary School District is to accelerate the use of technology to support student achievement by providing a 1:1 student to device ratio and by providing resources and training to integrate technology into curriculum and instruction. Each of our campuses has classroom sets of student devices in every grade level, consisting of iPads or Chromebooks. All students have a computer user account, which can be accessed from both school and at home to share documents and projects with other classmates and the teacher. Much of our current technology for student learning was funded by the capital override passed by Laveen voters in 2012.

Spotlight Programs

Each of our nine schools offer a spotlight program that further meets the needs of their student population. You can explore these special programs, here.

Extracurricular Activities

In addition to the many programs and services Laveen provides, our schools offer a number of extracurricular activities to further engage our students. Clubs across Laveen schools include, but are not limited to, National Junior Honor Society, music, art, chess, student council, and drama. All schools in the Laveen Elementary School District participate in the Intramural Sports Program. Athletics include boys & girls basketball, football, soccer, softball, and volleyball.

Parental Involvement

Laveen believes parental involvement is paramount to a student’s success. Laveen schools offer numerous opportunities for parents and guardians to become involved in their child’s school. Each of our schools have a parent/teacher organization (PTO). PTO’s are responsible for many of the activities and fundraising programs on our campus. Parents are encouraged to volunteer their time on the PTO’s various committees to help support the school. Events include the carnivals, winter programs, talent shows, class trips, and family nights.

Contact Us

Want to know more about a particular school or program? We invite you to contact any of our schools directly or contact us at the Laveen Education Center at 602-237-9100.