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Academic Services

The Laveen Elementary School District provides its students a well-rounded education that includes English language arts, math, science, social studies, visual art, music, and physical education. In addition, our schools offer specialized electives aligned to their signature programs; (e.g. STEM, Performing Arts, Spanish). Our Academic Services Department is happy to assist students, staff, parents, and the community with any questions or support needed.

Resources to Support Your Child’s Learning

Student success requires a partnership between parents and teachers. The Laveen Elementary School District is pleased to make a number of online learning resources accessible to parents and students.

Online Textbooks
Parents and students can access math, English Language Arts, science, and social studies instructional materials online from most Internet-connected devices– smart phones, tablets, and computers. For instructions, read the Online Access to Curriculum and then click on the appropriate grade range for each subject.

Math:  Grades K-5      Grades 6-8

English Language Arts: Grades K-5         Grades 6-8

Science:  Grades K-8

Social Studies:  Grades 5-8

Library Book Search
Our school libraries use online catalogs, which you can access by clicking here.

Additional Links to Learning Resources


Our curriculum, which is fully aligned to academic standards adopted by the Arizona State Board of Education, provides a clear roadmap of what your child is expected to learn in each grade. The challenging standards at each grade level serve as a stair step, moving your child closer to readiness for high school, college, and careers.

Arizona’s Mathematics Standards require students to demonstrate a deep understanding of math while developing strong critical thinking skills. Our district has adopted programs written specifically for these standards:  McGraw-Hill’s My Math for Grades K-5 and Glencoe Mathematics for Grades 6-8. In addition to traditional, printed books and workbooks, a digital platform gives students and parents the ability to access online tutorials, learning activities, and other online tools. Advanced coursework including high school level algebra is offered at all schools.

English Language Arts
Arizona’s English Language Arts standards call for an integrated approach to teaching reading, writing, language, speaking and listening.  Laveen strives to promote literacy across all of the content areas, exposing students to a rich balance of fiction and nonfiction texts. Students read selections from a wide range of text types and integrate research, writing, and media skills through the use of student technology devices. Laveen adopted a new ELA curriculum in 2020 that includes Savvas ReadyGen for Grades K-5 and McGraw-Hill StudySync for Grades 6-8. Both programs feature traditional and digital learning platforms.

The Arizona Science Standards are interwoven into a fabric of science that represents the true nature of science. Students have the opportunity to develop both the skills and content knowledge necessary to be scientifically literate members of the community. To support this progression, a digital, core program from Discovery Education called Science Techbook is provided to all K-8 students. This program provides real world content integrated across all concepts to bring science alive for students. A combination of interactive features, videos, photographs, and audio recordings are used to create an inquiry-based learning format.

Social Studies
The Arizona Social Studies Standards build across grade levels in a progression of knowing and applying concepts aligned to history, government, geography and economics. To support this progression platform, a digital, core program from Discovery Education called Social Studies Techbook is provided to students in 5th-8th grade. Social Studies Techbook is a comprehensive, standards-aligned, core curricular resource that uses an inquiry-based approach to enhance literacy and critical thinking skills.

A goal of the Laveen Elementary School District is to accelerate the use of technology to support student achievement by providing a 1:1 student to device ratio and by providing resources and training to integrate technology into curriculum and instruction. Each of our campuses has classroom sets of student devices in every grade level, consisting of iPads or Chromebooks. All students have a computer user account, which can be accessed from both school and at home to share documents and projects with other classmates and the teacher. Much of our current technology for student learning was funded by the capital override passed by Laveen voters in 2012.