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Student Technology

Laveen students use a variety of technology-based resources as part of the everyday curriculum. Click on the program from the list below to be directed to that site.

Discovery Education


Google Classroom

Google Drive


McGraw-Hill ConnectED

Pearson Realize



Online Safety

Student Email

Student Email Guidelines

  • Email is to be used for school-related communication.
  • Do NOT send emails that contain harassing/ offensive language, gossip, or participate in cyber-bullying (using electronic means to bully, insult or threaten someone)
  • Do NOT send or read emails at inappropriate times, such as during class instruction unless authorized by the teacher.
  • Do NOT send email to share test answers or promote cheating in any way.
  • Do NOT use the account of another person.
  • If you receive an inappropriate email.  DO NOT FORWARD– notify a teacher or principal.
  • Do NOT log into personal email accounts on district issued devices.

Email messages are not confidential and are considered public documents of the Laveen Elementary School District. All student emails go through a filter for inappropriate material and content.  REMEMBER all sent and received emails can be reviewed by school officials at any time.

Watch the video on Email Etiquette for Students

Email 101 Lesson: Email Etiquette & Safety