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Never miss a flyer again!Peachjar phone

Laveen schools utilize Peachjar’s e-flyer system to distribute flyers, newsletters, and other student-centered information to parents.

E-mail blasts containing thumbnail flyers from your child’s school, PTO, or non-profit student-centered activities will be sent to parents generally once a week. Flyers are maintained on a dedicated webpage for later reference.

What information is sent?

We will only send school information such as school newsletters, event flyers, and PTO happenings as well as approved flyers from non-profit child-centered organizations like Girl Scouts, ball leagues, and local community groups. Only information that is intended for the entire school community will be sent. You will never receive information specific to your child through this system.

How do I sign uppeachjar?

E-flyer blasts are automatically sent to the email addresses on file for each family. Peachjar will never share, sell, or disclose user email addresses. You may opt-out or change frequency of emails at any time. Parents may sign up for a free Peachjar account if they wish to use additional features such as combining multiple schools.


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How does a community group submit a flyer to be shared with families?

Flyers must be meet the following requirements to be approved for distribution:

  • Flyers must be from non-profit, youth-centered organizations. Proof of 501(c)(3) status is required. Exceptions may be made for community sponsored free events such as the City of Phoenix’s Star Spangled Celebration and the Laveen Community Council’s annual BBQ.
  • Flyers must have a contact name, phone number and address prominently displayed.
  • Flyers for programs that conflict/compete with existing Laveen Elementary School District programs will not be approved.
  • Flyers that contain a logo for a for-profit organization will not be approved.
  • Flyers that promote alcohol, tobacco, or other products deemed as not being child-friendly as a sponsor will not be approved.
  • The district’s disclaimer: “The Laveen Elementary School District neither endorses nor sponsors the organization or activity represented in this document. The distribution of this material is provided as a community service”  will automatically be added to the flyer. 

Organizations wishing to submit flyers must set up an account with Peachjar. There is a $25 fee per flyer, per school. Flyers that promote free local activities or events, with no encouragement for future fees or paid services, may be shared at no cost. Flyers may contain up to four pages. We encourage organizations to design their flyers in full color and provide a Spanish version.

For more information:

Kristen Landry, Communications Coordinator
602-237-9100 ext. 3002