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Frequently Asked Gifted Education Questions

What are the behavior and learning characteristics of gifted children?

Gifted children have characteristics that differentiate them from their age-mates. Generally, gifted children:

  • Learn at a much faster pace
  • Process material to a much greater depth
  • Show incredible intensity in energy, imagination, intellectual prowess, sensitivity, and emotion which are not typical in the general population

What measure is used to test for giftedness?

Laveen uses the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT). This measure is on the State of Arizona’s approved list. The CogAT measures problem-solving skills in three different reasoning areas: verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal. Qualifying scores for gifted identification are at or above the 95th percentile in one or more of the three reasoning areas. Other tests from the Arizona State List of Tests may also be used for identifying giftedness.

How do I request testing for my child?

Teachers and parents can refer students in grades K-8. Forms are also available through your child’s school office. Parents need to complete a Permission to Test form.  Completed forms can be turned into the front office or your child’s teacher.

What if my child does not qualify?

Not every student who is referred and tested will qualify for gifted services. A child may retest after a full year has passed. When deciding whether to request that your child re-take the test, consider why you are requesting a re-test and what answers you are seeking answers to, in order to make an informed decision.

It is possible that a parent might want to have their child evaluated by a licensed psychologist. If the resultant scores on a State Approved Test are at or above the 95th percentile, bring an official copy of the test results to the school for evaluation for placement. Special Note: Parents who select this option are responsible for paying any and all outside testing fees.

If my child qualified in a previous district, does he/she automatically qualify in Laveen?

When the enrollment form indicates that the child received gifted services in a previous district, the parents receive paperwork to have their child tested for placement in the Laveen’s gifted program. Students may also be considered for placement based on percentile scores from their previous school/district.

Students transferring from other school districts must meet the same criteria required by currently enrolled Laveen students. Please note that your child’s former school/district will not automatically send gifted records to our district. Please request that your former school/district send your child’s gifted test/placement records to your child’s new school. Hand carried official copies are also acceptable. All gifted test/placement records should be placed in the gifted education mailbox on your campus and will be reviewed by the Gifted Education department. If your child’s former gifted records and test percentiles meet Laveen’s Gifted Scope and Sequence requirement for placement, the student will be eligible for the program. Parents will receive written notice of the child’s eligibility for placement. If a student’s scores from their former district do not meet the District’s criteria, the parents will likewise receive written notice. Parents who do not have gifted test scores to submit from their child’s former school/district or whose children were not eligible based on submitted percentile scores have the option to request testing for their child by completing the paperwork given to them when they enrolled their student. Parents can request additional forms from their child’s front office or print a copy of the permission to test form and the parent referral form attached below.

How will I be notified about my child’s scores?

Your child’s school will identify the specific time table at the onset of each test cycle. You will be notified by letter sent with your child as to your child’s testing date and the date when you will receive a copy of the scores. The test results will be sent home in a letter with your child. If you do not receive the scores, please contact your school.