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Parent Technology

Laveen Technology Policy

Laveen Student Acceptable Use Agreement

Digital Curriculum

The English language arts, math, science, and social studies curricula all have digital components that provide students access to content at school and home from any device. Please use the parent help desk ticket to communicate any problems experienced from home.

Parent Help Desk Ticket

Parent Guides for Using Google Classroom

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Laveen Elementary School District is dedicated to creating a safe online environment for students.  As we partner with parents to reinforce positive digital behavior, our goal is to build a strong environment to support good digital citizens.   The resources on this page will provide parents access to digital citizenship resources and links to support a healthy and productive digital culture both at school and at home.

Digital Citizenship & Online Safety

Laveen teachers use technology in a variety of ways to engage students in meaningful activities that facilitate creative problem solving, information fluency, critical thinking, and collaboration.  Our primary goal is to create an academic setting that protects student safety as teachers utilize third-party services to enhance instruction.  The Laveen Authorized Educational Media document provides parents the opportunity to view both the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of the academic applications used in the classroom.  Laveen Authorized Educational Media

Online Safety & Good Digital Parenting

Online safety is everyone’s concern – from preschoolers to grandparents.  The Family Online Safety Institute brings resources such as family technology agreements, tips for parents on how to have conversations about internet safety and videos to view with your kids.

Create a Family Plan for Technology Talking to Kids About Social Media 
Talking to Your Kids About Online Safety Good Parenting- Talking With Your Kids About Being Online
Helping Your Kids Create a Positive Digital Reputation Good Digital Parenting

What is Digital Citizenship?
 Digital Citizenship is the appropriate and responsible use of technology.  As we prepare students with the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to be 21st Century learners our emphasis is on guiding students to become better digital citizens.  Laveen Elementary School District believes digital citizenship is an ongoing process that must be taught in all grade levels and include all stakeholders to promote the safe, legal and ethical use of technology.

Laveen Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Laveen Elementary School District’s digital citizenship curriculum consist of spiraling, age-appropriate topics at each grade level.   Kindergarten students participate in three lessons and all 1st through 8th-grade students complete four.  A variety of topics including privacy, digital ethics, Internet safety, cyberbullying and others are covered.   The lessons are essential in developing the foundation for a productive learning environment that seamlessly incorporates technology.

Digital Citizenship Resources for Parents

Gooogle Safety Center NetSafe Utah NetSmartz
Netsafe NetBasics Chatting with Kids About Being Online Heads Up Booklet
McGRUFF Familly Tip Sheets (Teen- questions to ask, explanations, reminders) Digital Dilemmas (Teen- Discussion starters)
iKeepSafe Best Practices for Digital Citizenship

common sense

Common Sense Media has a variety of resources to support families in raising good digital citizens. They provide reviews of movies, games, apps to help parents make informed decisions.


Homework Time


Family Media Agreements

Kids’ Pledge Family Agreement Teen Pledge Parents’ Pledge Customizable Device Contract

Social Media for Kids- Visit GROMSocial

  • Devoted to social responsibility, good digital citizenship & positive social interactions
  • Keeping students safe is their #1 priority
  • Inappropriate content (photos, language, bullying, etc.) filtered
  • Site monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Parents can set privacy settings & examine chat histories
  • Parents can review & control who their child is friends with