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Special Education Teams

Teacher Assistance Team

The Teacher Assistance Team or TAT is a positive, problem-solving meeting with teacher colleagues. At the TAT, teachers have the opportunity to obtain suggestions for accommodations and interventions for students who are having difficulties. The Teacher Assistance Team may recommend students whose difficulties are not remediated at this level of intervention to the Child Study Team.

Child Study Team

The Child Study Team or CST is a positive, problem-solving meeting with staff colleagues and the parent/guardian of the child of concern. The CST is for students who have not responded to the interventions previously attempted by the classroom teacher and the TAT. At the CST, the school district may consider whether a child may or may not have a disability. If the CST suspects that a child has a disability, the team will recommend a special education evaluation to determine eligibility and need for special education. The CST may also refuse to initiate an evaluation if they do not believe the child’s difficulties are the result of a suspected disability. When the district refuses to initiate an evaluation, they provide parents with a prior written notice and procedural safeguards.