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Tax Credit

Tax credit contributions may only be used to support character education and fee-based extracurricular activities such as after-school tutoring and clubs, academic enrichment, field trips, fine art programs, and athletics.

About the Program

Arizona allows taxpayers to dedicate dollars to education while reducing the amount they owe on their 2023 taxes through the tax credit program. For every dollar you donate, the amount you owe on your Arizona taxes will be that much less (this may also increase the amount of your refund).

For example, if a single person owes $1,500 on their state taxes for 2022 and donates the maximum amount of $200, they will then only owe the state $1,300. Couples filing jointly may donate any amount up to $400. Individuals may contribute up to $200.

If you do not owe taxes, the amount you donate may be carried forward for up to five years to offset future tax liabilities.


Per ARS ยง 43-1089.01, you have until April 15, 2024 to donate and claim your contribution on either your 2023 or 2024 taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can other family and friends contribute?
This tax credit is available to all Arizona taxpayers regardless of whether or not they have children in school.

Can I give my contribution to any school?
You may indicate which school and which program you would like to support, or you can designate your money to be given to the school that has the greatest need.

How much can I give?
The amount of the tax credit you take does not have to be for the total allowable amount of $400. You can make a difference for our students with just $20, $50 or $100.

Can I give to more than one school?
Yes, you can split your contribution between schools.

What needs to Laveen Schools have?

Below are a few examples of the programs Laveen schools will use tax credit donations to support.

Item Estimated Cost School
Robots for Robotics Clubs $800 EFGA
Transportation and Admission for Field Trips $400-$600 per grade level EFGA
Tutoring $8,000 EFGA
Costa Rica Field Trip for 8th Graders $3,000 per student EFGA
Spain Field Trip $3,500 per student Paseo
Archery Club Equipment $400 Paseo
KidsNews Studio Equipment $500 Paseo
Performing Arts Audio Upgrades $2,000 Paseo
Washington D.C. Trip $2,000 per student Rogers Ranch
Tutoring $8,000 Rogers Ranch
Performing Arts After School Club $8,000 Rogers Ranch
Robotics Club Robot $800 VDS
Various grade level Field Trip $400-$600 per grade level VDS
Tutoring $5,000 VDS
Washington D.C. Trip $2,000 per student VDS
MESA Engineering $1,000 VDS
Chess Club $180 per student VDS
Fine Arts Club $500 VDS


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