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2018 District Additional Assistance Override

In November 2018, Laveen voters approved the renewal of a 10% District Additional Assistance budget limit override. This override was originally approved in 2012 with an expiration date of June 30, 2020.

The District Additional Assistance Override was formerly known as a capital override. Funding provides for capital items such as textbooks, library books, computers, software, instructional materials, classroom technology, construction and renovation of schools, security and safety systems, classroom furniture, and school buses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a District Additional Assistance Override?
Arizona’s public school funding formula includes a fixed per pupil amount for capital funding. This amount was set by the legislature in 1998 and has not been increased. A District Additional Assistance Override allows a district to exceed the amount set by the state.

Why is the school district asking voters to approve another override?
The election is to renew the override already in place (approved in 2012). Overrides must be renewed at least every seven years to avoid funding cuts. If not approved by voters, school funding will be reduced once the 2012 override expires.

How does the district use these funds?
Funding from the override is used to ensure that teachers and students have up-to-date textbooks, instructional materials and technology; renovate, repair, and improve school buildings; fund school safety and security systems; and replace aging school buses.

If approved by voters, what will be the cost of the override to Laveen homeowners?
This is a renewal of the current override, if renewed there is no change to local property taxes.

How are overrides paid for?
School overrides are paid through property taxes assessed by the county assessor on the property located within the geographical boundaries of the school district.

Why does the district need money on top of what the state already provides?
In recent years, the state has reduced the District Additional Assistance fund by as much as 86% to cover its budget shortfall. Since 2010, this reduction amounted to over $17 million for Laveen. Last year, Laveen experienced a reduction of $2.5 million in capital funding.

Is this a new tax or tax increase? What is the cost of the override to homeowners?
It is not a new tax and will not increase tax rates. Voter approval will keep current funding in place. For a home valued at $100,000, the cost would continue to be between $13 and $14 per month.

Notice of Order and Call for Election