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2020 Maintenance & Operations Override

The Laveen Elementary School District Governing Board has called for an election to be held Tuesday, November 3, 2020 to request voter authorization to continue the 15% Maintenance and Operations Override.

The Laveen Elementary School District’s mission is to develop in our children the knowledge, skills, and character to achieve academic excellence, personal growth, and success in a safe, positive environment. We accomplish this through recruiting talented staff, providing programs above the state’s requirements, and increasing early childhood education offerings.

If approved by voters, funds will be used for:

  • Free Full Day Kindergarten: The State only provides school districts funding to offer a half-day kindergarten session. Override funds allow us to offer a full day academic program for free.
  • Special Class Offerings: Art, P.E., and music are part of Laveen’s regular curriculum. Override funds help pay for the course teacher and supplies.
  • Competitive Salaries/Benefits: Excellent salary and benefit packages allow Laveen to recruit and retain the most talented teachers and staff from across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a budget override?

The state has set a base support level of funding for all Arizona public schools. Acknowledging that communities may want to provide their children with more than the minimum level, the state also allows school districts to exceed the minimum with a voter approved budget override.

How does the district use these funds?

Laveen uses override dollars to provide free full-day kindergarten, art, P.E., music, and other electives. Funds also go toward providing competitive salary and benefit packages for our teachers and staff.

Why does the district need money on top of what the state already provides?

Over the years, the state has significantly reduced education funding. Among the cuts:

  • Elimination of soft-capital (books, materials) funding
  • Elimination of Full-Day Kindergarten funding
  • Reduction in capital (facility improvements) funding by 85%

When was Laveen’s last budget override election?

The last M&O Override was approved in 2016.

Why is the school district asking voters to approve another override?

The election is to renew the override already in place. Overrides must be renewed at least every five years to avoid funding cuts.

How are overrides paid for?

School overrides are paid through property taxes assessed by the county assessor on the property located within the geographical boundaries of the school district.

If approved by voters, what will be the cost of the override to Laveen homeowners?

This is a renewal of the current override, if renewed there is no change to local property taxes.

When is Election Day?

Election Day is November 3. The deadline to register to vote to participate in this election is October 5.

FAQ Sheet