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2016 M&O Override

In November 2016, voters approved the Laveen Elementary School District’s Maintenance and Operations override.

District Statement

The Laveen Elementary School District’s mission is to develop in our children the knowledge, skills, and character to achieve academic excellence, personal growth, and success in a safe, positive environment. We accomplish this through recruiting talented staff, providing classes above the state’s requirements, and increasing early childhood education offerings.

In Laveen, we hire teachers and staff that are highly qualified and have a passion for educating our children. We recruit teachers from across the nation to serve our small, yet highly diverse, community.

We provide art, P.E., music, and other electives at each of our eight schools. We believe offering courses above the core subject areas of math, English language arts, science, and social studies results in a well-rounded child. These offerings provide additional perspectives and experiences children may not be otherwise exposed.

Because the state does not fund full-day kindergarten, many districts only offer half-day, or tuition-based full-day kindergarten. Laveen is proud to offer free full-day kindergarten at all of our schools We believe a solid education foundation early on results in higher achievement throughout a child’s educational career.

Laveen views these items as being critically important to our success. However, they do not come without costs. Override dollars fund competitive salaries and benefits for our teachers and staff. They provide for special area and elective teachers to increase our academic offerings. And, they fund the second half of kindergarten providing our students with a full-day program.

Over the years, Arizona has decreased school funding in a variety of areas. While this could be detrimental to our district, Laveen is fortunate to have a community that has supported our efforts in developing our children at a higher level than required by the state.

Override FAQs

Letter to the Community