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2015 Bond

In November 2015, Laveen voters approved a bond authorizing the issuance of $42 million in school capital bonds over 10 years.

With more families moving into the Laveen community, and additional residential developments planned in the near future, it is necessary to construct additional schools. At the same time, the older existing schools require improvements to maintain a safe and effective learning environment for all children. Laveen is very fortunate that each of our schools are less than 20 years old, the majority being constructed within the last 10 years. However, with hundreds of students walking through our schools each day, even our newest buildings will require some level of upkeep over the next few years.

Laveen has applied for, and put to good use, all state funds for which it qualifies.  However, recent changes to the State’s funding formula for new school construction did not take into account adequate construction times and prevented the District from qualifying for construction dollars until the schools are significantly over capacity. Arizona’s minimum school facilities standards do not support the additional educational programs and opportunities the District provides its students and the community.

Bonds may only be used for facilities construction and renovation projects, land acquisition, technology, and buses.

Bond FAQs