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Return to Laveen Timeline

Information for the 2021-22 school year related to the pandemic and Laveen’s return to in-person learning; including public health benchmarks, positive cases within the district, and updates; can be found on our 2021 Back to School page.

Throughout summer 2020, and into the fall 2020 semester, Laveen has been monitoring public health data and following guidelines prescribed through Executive Orders of the Governor. View the timeline of important reopening milestones below.


August 7, 2020: ADHS Releases Public Health Benchmarks for Reopening of Schools

The Arizona Department of Health Services released its Guidelines for Safely Returning to In-Person Instruction to help districts determine when schools could safely reopen for in-person, teacher-led instruction. ADHS recommends public health data meet the following three benchmarks at the county level, in moderate or minimal transmission category, for two weeks before students should return to school.

  • Cases: a two-week decline in the number of cases OR a two-week of a case rate of less than 100 cases per 100,000 population within the county
  • Percent Positivity: for initial opening, two weeks of percent positivity less than 7% within the county
  • Covid-Like Illness (CLI): two weeks with hospital visits due to CLI below 10% within the region.

Laveen does not have a date for starting the option of in-person, teacher-led learning.  Once the data shows safety benchmarks are met, families will be provided with the opportunity to select again from the Four Schooling Options.  We plan to provide families with at least two week’s advance notice of reopening. Families who wish to continue online learning may elect to do so. 


July 29, 2020: Laveen Awaiting Public Health Benchmarks to Determine When In-Person, Teacher Led-Instruction Resumes

As per Governor Ducey’s Executive Order (2020-51) , Laveen is currently awaiting public health benchmarks from the Arizona Department of Health Services, along with guidance from the Maricopa County Department of Public Health, to make this important decision. Once the data shows safety benchmarks are met, we will provide families the opportunity to select again from the Four Schooling Options as we transition to providing the opportunity for in-person, teacher-led instruction.  We expect an approximately two-week timeframe to make this transition, and families who wish to stay online will be able to do so. During this transitional period, Laveen will be providing Learning Labs for children who need a safe place to go during the day.

Letter to Families

July 9, 2020: Laveen Classes to Resume August 3 Using Distance/ Online Learning

On June 29, Governor Doug Ducey issued Executive Order (2020-44) which delayed the opening of schools for on-site learning until August 17 at the earliest.  This executive order gave school districts the option of opening on their scheduled start date using distance/online learning. The Laveen School District has determined that, given the uncertainty of when schools will be able to open for on-site learning, we will keep our current calendar and begin the 2020-21 school year on August 3 using distance/online learning for all students. Visit our Back-To-School page for details on beginning the new school year.

Information on this reopening was shared with our Governing Board on July 9. View it here:, at the 1:32:31 mark.

Once the executive order is lifted, Laveen intends to move forward with the four schooling options outlined below with some students returning to school for daily on-site instruction.

Letter to Families Regarding Reopening

June 29, 2020: Governor Issues  Executive Order Delaying the Start of In-Person Instruction

Governor Ducey issued Executive Order 2020-44 regarding the reopening of schools. The order states that all schools must delay the start of in-person classes until August 17, 2020, but that schools may begin the school year on their regularly planned start date using distance/online learning.  The Laveen District will be diligently researching the matters raised by this latest executive order to develop options and recommendations for the Governing Board to consider.


June 23, 2020: Four Schooling Options Approved by Governing Board

Laveen’s Governing Board approved the recommendations provided by the district’s Reopening of Schools Task Force for the 2020-21 school year. These recommendations were based on results from the recent parent and teacher surveys. The following schooling options were approved, giving parents a choice on the program that best suits their child. View the presentation.