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Payment Information

Student Accounts

All students are issued a school ID badge which is to be used for breakfast and lunch. If a student does not have his/her badge, each school has a backup system in place; however, repeated need for a badge may result in disciplinary action. Replacement badges are available for purchase in the front office.

Meal Prices

The National School Lunch Program requires each meal to include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein, and low fat or fat free milk. A student must choose a minimum of three components, or choose up to all five. One of the components must be a fruit or vegetable in order for the meal to qualify for meal prices below. All food items are available for purchase separately at a la carte prices.


Students  FREE
Adults/Visitors $2.50


Students $2.40
Reduced Price Students $0.40
Adults/Visitors $3.50
Salad Bar Only $2.00
Additional Salad Bar Trip $1.00

Payment Information

We offer two options to add money to your child’s account, through or in person by cash or check.

Option 1:
We strongly encourage parents/guardians to set up an online account with to add money to via debit or credit card. This account, even if you do not fund your child’s account, will allow you to monitor your child’s meal account balance and receive low-balance email alerts. The online payment option is a quick and secure way to deposit money to your child’s meal account. There is no lag time and accounts will be updated instantly.


Option 2: Cashwallet or Check
Students can pay for their lunch in line during meal service, or parents may deposit money in their child’s lunch account to pay for lunches by the week, month, or year. Advance payments made by cash or check should be taken to the cafeteria before school starts (during breakfast) to ensure accounts are properly credited before lunch. Checks need to be made out to the school cafeteria lunch fund. Please write your child(ren)’s full name on the check. Receipts for cash or checks are available upon request.

Meal Charge Policy

The Child Nutrition Services Department strives to provide nutritious meals to students each school day. While there are circumstances that occur from time to time in which students do not have adequate funds to cover the price of lunch, unpaid meal charges place a large financial burden on the school district. The purpose of this policy is to establish formal procedures surrounding outstanding meal balances and to communicate those procedures to families within the district.

When a student’s account balance drops to the equivalent of two lunches remaining, the cafeteria manager will provide a verbal reminder to the student to bring more lunch money. This amounts to $0.80 for a reduced-price student and $4.80 for a full-paid student. Students who forget to bring lunch money or do not have sufficient funds to cover the price of the lunch will be able to accrue up to two charges; thereafter, students will be provided a meal at no cost that consists of a cheese sandwich, fruits, vegetables, and white milk. This meal still meets all USDA meal requirements. Students will never be denied nourishment due to lack of lunch money.

Students may not purchase a la carte items if a balance exists on their account. During the month of May, students will not be permitted to charge meals. Parents and guardians are responsible for ensuring that their students’ lunch balance is paid in full before the end of each school year. Cafeteria Managers will send periodic letters home to parents when accounts become negative. Parents and guardians may also create an account to monitor their students’ lunch balances and set low balance alerts at

Families may apply for free or reduced-price meal benefits at any time during the school year at Adults and visitors may not charge meals. As a reminder, Laveen Elementary School District offers free breakfast to all students, regardless of their eligibility status. Please join us in the cafeteria 30 minutes prior to the start of school for a healthy start to the school day.

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This institution is an equal opportunity provider.​