The Laveen Elementary School District met their goal of achieving a 2:1 student to computer device ratio. Rogers Ranch, which is a STEM-focused school boasts a 1:1 student to computer ratio.

Students in Kindergarten and 1st grade use iPads; all other grade levels use Chromebooks. All classrooms have a document camera, speakers, and a projector.

“Arizona’s academic standards require students to use technology and digital media to research, collaborate, and demonstrate their learning. Our students are getting daily practice to prepare them for college, workforce training, and life in a technological society,” said Executive Director for Academic Services Kathy Davis. “Our English language arts and mathematics curriculum both have a digital platform so students can use the technology to access these resources online.”

In addition to managing these thousands of devices, the Laveen technology department spent the summer adding even more technology.

One hundred SMART Boards were installed in K-3 classrooms. At the start of this school year, every K-8 classroom and resource teacher was equipped with a SMART Board. SMART Boards act as interactive whiteboards and allow students to manipulate the screen by touch, similar to that of an iPad. They help keep students engaged through physical participation in the lesson.

Additionally, 1,800 iPads were reconfigured to allow for centralized management and app distribution. Over 900 additional Chromebooks were also purchased to maintain the district’s 2:1 student to device ratio.

New internal systems were launched this summer as well, including a new point-of-sale system for all school cafeterias and a new employee time clock system. The previous systems were antiquated and did not communicate with each other as well as needed.

The increased technology was made possible by Laveen voters who approved a capital override in 2012.  “Our students are fortunate that the community believed in and supported the added technology,” said Laveen Superintendent Dr. Bill Johnson. “It will undoubtedly better prepare them for high school, college, and beyond.”